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JupyterLite is a JupyterLab distribution that runs entirely in the browser built from the ground-up using JupyterLab components and extensions.

⚡ Status ⚡#

Although JupyterLite is currently being developed by core Jupyter developers, the project is still unofficial.

Not all the usual features available in JupyterLab and the Classic Notebook will work with JupyterLite, but many already do!

Don’t hesitate to check out the documentation for more information and project updates.

✨ Try it in your browser ✨#

JupyterLite works with both JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook.

Try it with JupyterLab!

Try it with Jupyter Notebook!



🏗️ Build your own JupyterLite 🏗️#

You can build your own JupyterLite website in a couple of minutes, with custom extensions and packages.

See the documentation for more details.

Browser-based Interactive Computing#

JupyterLite is all about accessible browser-based interactive computing:

  • Python kernel backed by Pyodide running in a Web Worker

    • Initial support for interactive visualization libraries such as altair, bqplot, ipywidgets, matplotlib, and plotly

  • JavaScript kernel running in a Web Worker

  • View hosted example Notebooks and other files, then edit, save, and download from the browser’s IndexDB (or localStorage)

  • Support for saving settings for JupyterLab/Lite core and federated extensions

  • Basic session and kernel management to have multiple kernels running at the same time

  • Support for Code Consoles

Ease of Deployment#

  • Served via well-cacheable, static HTTP(S), locally or on most static web hosts

  • Embeddable within larger applications

  • Requires no dedicated application server much less a container orchestrator

  • Fine-grained configurability of page settings, including reuse of federated extensions


Jupyter Interactive Widgets#


JupyterLab Mimerender Extensions#


Matplotlib Figures#






Development install#

See the contributing guide for a development installation.

👥 Contributors#

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