How-To Guides#


This set of how-to guides is geared towards creating and configuring a custom JupyterLite website at build time.

To learn more about using an already deployed JupyterLite website, check out the Quickstart Guide. More how-to guides on using and configuring an existing JupyterLite website at runtime (focused on accessing content, working with settings) will soon be added.

Configuring a JupyterLite deployment#

A JupyterLite website can be configured in many ways, and reuse many of the existing tools and extensions from the Jupyter ecosystem.


Configuring the Pyodide kernel#

Configuring the Xeus Python kernel#



JupyterLite uses the same extension system as in JupyterLab, and can be extended to add more features and plugins, such as frontend extensions and new kernels.

Advanced configuration#